Here at 449 Recovery, we believe that an improved relationship between the person with the drug or alcohol problem and his or her family is essential to a strong recovery solution. Furthermore, we understand that while focus should be centered on the substance abuser, there is usually a great deal of pain and suffering that has been placed upon the family of the addict or alcoholic.

Our family counseling programs are designed to offer hope, guidance and solutions to the family members of a recovering addict.

These small-group sessions and individual counseling sessions help family members, spouses and children alike to deal with the repercussions of drug addiction, alcoholism or other types of addictive challenges.

Family members are usually those who suffer the most when dealing with an addiction and alcoholism. Many times they are the ones who are striving to see a change. The family member may try to throw the drugs out, hide the bottle of alcohol, or confront the user with ultimatums, even threats. Usually they are simply dealing with the symptoms or the results of alcoholism, or a drug addiction, and not the root of the problem. Family members can become frustrated while desperately trying to find a solution to make their family life appear “normal” once again.

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449 Recovery offers weekly family group therapy sessions. If you or a loved one would like to register to attend one of the family group programs, please take a moment to contact us.

One of our counselors will be happy to explain the details to you and help you register for the next session. We highly encourage family members and significant others’ involvement in the recovery and treatment efforts of the 449 Treatment Program.

Why Choose Us?

The family aspect of the program offered at 449 Recovery is different than most of the programs offered by other recovery centers. Throughout our program, we take the time to focus on the individual family member as well as the family as a unit. Our group programs are designed to educate the family about issues such as “enabling” and “dishonesty.” We show the family members not only how to spot the signs and symptoms of addiction, but also how to deal with them in their own lives, what their role has been, and what it should be moving forward to support a “recovered family”. We believe a successful and lasting recovery from addiction involves both the addict and the needs of his or her family, and that both have their own, unique process of recovery.

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