Group Therapy Programs at 449 Recovery

Our groups are expressive in nature and are designed to help the recovering addict deal with social events, express their feelings, and better describe their most difficult challenges. We believe there is no single approach that is better than another. While we have a basic foundational approach through the various elements of our 449 plan, the plan itself lends room for a large amount of variety for our group therapy.

The group therapy programs at 449 Recovery are working sessions between one of our trained counselors or therapists and several individuals in the treatment program who share a common addiction.

With each group in treatment, it becomes apparent that the individuals within the group seem to set a foundation as to what they need, and what we can do, to help themselves truly process everything necessary for their personal recoveries.

As a result, we learn how to best work with our groups and are able to employ group therapy session topics and techniques that ultimately reach all in attendance at any given point in time through methods that work effectively for each particular group of individuals.

Each of our group therapy programs and support groups adhere to the best practices and values contained in our 449 plan.

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Although many other organizations are focused entirely on the 12-step treatment model, we have found proven success by combining the 12-step recovery model with our 449 therapy plan. This enables us to bring new solutions to the substance abuser through a group environment, so all may benefit from one another’s experiences.

Whether it be an alcohol support group, drug support group, family support group, or a standard addiction support group, the 449 plan offers a solution for everyone.

Clinical Techniques and Approaches

The variety of clinical techniques and approaches to addiction that are utilized by our counselors in order to process the emotional components of addiction and recovery in group therapy are vast and unique on a personal scale to 449 Recovery, its clients and their families and loved ones. The various techniques can include:
  • psychodramas
  • family sculpting
  • group processing of specific recovery topics
  • communication exercises
  • educational didactic lectures
  • 12-step book studies and recovery methods
  • denial management
  • relapse prevention
  • recurring behaviors
  • distorted thinking patterns
  • and more!

Why Choose Us?

Our group therapy sessions can be light hearted, fun and exciting and they can also be extremely powerful, intense and challenging as we achieve our goals of getting the group to “feel” their emotions and stop burying them and then learn new and healthy ways of processing those emotions without the use of drugs and alcohol.

All of our group therapy options are designed to be utilized in a psycho-educational group setting. We are experts at group therapy and the group therapy at 449 Recovery is an extremely powerful venue for growth and change. Our groups are facilitated by a trained group counselor or therapist. Our counselors help break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and empathy in their relationships with our clients in order to serve them to the very maximum of our very best ability.

Benefits of Attending Group Counseling

When attending one of the groups offered here at 449 Recovery, the addict/alcoholic and even their loved ones and family will receive several benefits.

These benefits include:

  • Emotional support
  • Empathetic understanding
  • Authentic encouragement from each other
  • Safety and trust
  • Self-esteem
  • Goals
  • Accountability
  • Hope
  • The value of giving back

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