We understand that one of the hardest decisions you’re going to have to make is to admit that you may be an addict and/or an alcoholic and we believe that you are the only person who can make this determination. There is no easy way to ask yourself this question. You simply need to assess your life, choices and decisions to decide whether or not this could be you. At 449 Recovery we are here to help.

To begin the process of recovery you must first do a self-assessment of yourself. Take a few moments and answer the questions below. It’s a short exam that may very well save your life.

Chances are if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you owe it to yourself or the person you’re concerned about to have confidential phone discussion about your situation with one of our admission specialists. Your feelings and questions about whether or not you or the person you’re concerned about needs help should be considered with the help of a professional.

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Take a moment and call one of our admission specialists today and they will help you to make your own decisions and provide you with some direction.

The call is free and confidential and the help could be invaluable to you, your loved ones and your life.

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