Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Often referred to as CBT, is an approach used most often with clients with underlying, untreated depression. It guides clients through solving the problems regarding their behavior and thought patterns that are no longer useful in sobriety.

Motivational Interviewing

Used to establish goals for the client and to weigh the pros and cons of change within themselves. Counselors use non-judgmental, open-ended questions to assist clients to identify and take action on habits that may be detrimental to sobriety.


Provides information and resources about the specifics of addiction and empowers clients to take their condition into their own hands. Psychoeducation offers the tools to destigmatize addiction and liberates the client to see their disease in a different light.

Psycho Drama

Often used in larger group settings, a counselor will ask a client to dramatize an event or series of events. Clients use their peers as characters in their reconstructions, which often leads to the group, as a whole, processing events of their own.

Family Sculpting

Most often used during our family group therapy sessions. The client is asked to recall how they felt about their family growing up. Peers are assigned to roleplay as family members while the focus client arranges them in a sculpture based on their emotions. The process is cathartic for both the client as well as the family and peers, and guides the processing of past trauma.

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