Understanding what 449 means requires someone to understand the founder behind the center. Simply put, the name of the recovery center is brought from a page number in a book. On this page lies a quote. This quote is one of the most widely used and applicable quotes from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Especially during the early stages of recovery, this quote is used to help recovering people to learn to handle their expectations regarding family and other significant personal relationships. Additionally, this quote helped one of the founders, Rodney Robinson, to reengage with his own family during his embryonic recovery period. The page number was found in the third edition of the Big Book.

Currently, the quote has been moved to page 417 in the latest edition of the book. However, because of its significance in changing the outcome of his recovery and his life, it will always be page 449 to Rodney Robinson.

Love & Tolerance
Client Centered
Caring Culture

Founded in 2011, by Rodney Robinson and Vito Tassone, 449 Recovery is a drug and alcohol treatment center that focuses on repairing the broken lives of those suffering from addiction.

After seeing the devastation and grief caused by addiction in their personal lives, they sought to make a difference in one life, one day at a time. With personal experience and a background in the treatment field, they set out to develop a program that was different – focused on love and tolerance, client centered, and with a culture of caring.

With the help of Rodney’s wife, Susie, and Vito’s parents, Catherine and Agostino and his wife, Cindy, they forged ahead to build a program filled with warmth, compassion and love. Beginning with a small group of clients, they have witnessed miracles and triumphs from the very start.

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