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26010 Acero
Mission Viejo, CA
O: (855) 435-7449
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Our Admissions Process

Pre-Admission Assessment


Prior to your admission, over the phone, we’ll walk you through our pre-admission assessment to make sure we can get you the most effective and appropriate care.

Psychiatrist Assessment

In your first week here you will meet with our psychiatrist to assess any current medications as well as discuss medication options.

Intake Paperwork

When you arrive at our facility we’ll be doing your intake paperwork, completing your biopsychosocial assessment (a more in depth conversation with a counselor to see where we can meet you treatment wise), and get you to your new home.

Begin Road to Recovery

You will also be assigned a counselor to begin your work in recovery. You are welcomed with open arms into our 449 family!

Heal. Recover. Revitalize.

Clinically proven, individualized drug &
alcohol treatment

At 449 Recovery we address the problem of drug and alcohol addiction by starting with the addict and the family as a whole. If you or someone that you love suffers from drug addiction or alcoholism you have most likely tried many things. You may have exhausted every possible measure in trying to find help whether it be through making threats to the addict, setting an ultimatum or even your own intervention carried out on your own terms.

449’s specialized rehabilitation programs:

  • trauma informed therapy
  • family program
  • 12-step
  • gender specific treatment

Our effective and proven
therapies include:

  • detox
  • intensive outpatient
  • supportive outpatient
  • group therapy

Flexible outpatient care

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs are extremely beneficial for people who are unable to fully take time out of their lives for an inpatient solution. The ability to receive treatment while maintaining your job and/or family responsibilities can be invaluable. Not everyone can afford the cost of inpatient care and with the rising cost of insurance it is rare to find a solution that is affordable for the average individual. 449 Recovery was founded to bridge this gap between an individual’s need to seek treatment and their ability to pay for the same. The 449 Recovery Center’s program is designed as an outpatient rehab drug and alcohol treatment solution.