One of the topics recently brought up on our radio show currently broadcast on called The Recovery Road, was how to handle dealing with a family member who has begun to show alcoholic tendencies….Obviously, this is a delicate situation with far-reaching consequences. The type of question tends to be, “Do I urge this person to get their drinking under control themselves, do I ignore it, or do I do a Google search for Orange County Rehab?” Unfortunately, most people opt to hope against hope that somehow the alcoholic or addict will stop on their own accord. Sadly out of the 1000’s of drug and alcohol addicts we have worked with in Orange County does this ever tend to be the case.

For some addicts or alcoholics, it is just a matter of not knowing where to go for proper drug and alcohol treatment. They sit in a state of purgatory between their next fix, the decision to seek help, and the continual flirtation with death. It is a terrifying and seemingly hopeless situation, whether you are the addict/alcoholic or an observer. More often than not, these situations end fatally. The worst part is that if only the person had an exposure to an alternative way of life they may have had a chance. Going to an Orange County detox program, even if the first try at recovery does not work it still may very well be the catalyst for making the change that could ultimately save their life. All too often though, we hear a variety of excuses that no matter how seemingly justified at the time will never supersede the fact that the loved one’s life could be saved. “I don’t want my loved one to hate me,” is not a valid excuse and only in extremely rare and outstanding circumstances does that actually come to fruition in any form afterwards.

For others, it is the belief that they cannot afford to have a professional intervention. When Rodney Robinson first conceived of 449 Recovery, his goal was to provide a top notch premiere drug and alcohol treatment program for Orange County that could be attainable on any budget. The 449 Recovery philosophy that money should not be the determining factor in getting treatment is a shockingly new perspective affordable intervention and drug detox programs. Too often have we seen people turned away for a variety of financial reasons, some of whom were on the verge of making a huge break through. We find out later that the results of that premature departure ended in tragedy.

There are never any guarantees when it comes to addiction and alcoholism. Some people go through a number of treatment centers, and after years of drug and alcohol abuse (and a lot of good luck), remember something they may have heard in one of the many California drug rehab centers they attended while searching for so much as a respite from their disease. There have been times too, where recovery never actually takes hold, but the family is given solace by virtue of having done all they could to help their loved one.

In the end all you can really do as a loved one of an alcoholic or an addict is to show that person a way out. Regardless if its alcohol, crystal meth, or opiate addiction all you can do is offer it up and hope they take it. They can get treatment for themselves and in turn the first step is dealing with life. As of yet, no other options exist. Call our staff today and help your loved one get the help they need. We are always standing by and happy to help however we can. After all, 449Recovery is California’s leader for Drug and Alcohol Treatment.