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The 449 Plan

We are a drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation center helping people overcome their fears and assisting families to deal with a loved one’s challenges. The “449 Plan” is broken into 7 parts. We believe that 7 achievements of therapeutic recovery combined with 12-step recovery leads to real recovery.


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Our Community's Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Recovery Center


The 449 Recovery Plan is positioned to help clients anywhere from 30 days to 120 days as we guide those in early recovery through the transition back to life.


Here at 449 Recovery you are more than just your disease – you are an exceptional and special human being. We believe in personalizing your treatment to your unique abilities. Your counselor will help you set and reach goals in sobriety.


At 449 Recovery we accept many insurance plans as well as private pay. Private pay is based on a sliding scale and is often far less expensive than comparable treatment centers. We work with you to ensure you get the best care possible, regardless of your financial ability.


The people that can best connect with those in early sobriety are those that have been through it themselves. At 449 Recovery we’ve developed a strong alumni support network to help transition new clients into their journey into sobriety.

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