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The 449 Plan

We are a drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation center helping people overcome their fears and assisting families to deal with a loved one’s challenges. The “449 Plan” is broken into 7 parts. We believe that 7 achievements of therapeutic recovery combined with 12-step recovery leads to real recovery.


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The 449 Recovery Plan is positioned to help clients for anywhere from 30 days to 120 days. We guide those in early recovery through the transition back to life. We know that recovery is a lifelong task and, with the right guidance and support network, something you can maintain. 

Long-term addiction treatment may be right for you if you have had struggles with recovery in the past. Extending your stay leaves you better equipped for success in transition, while helping you build and grow support networks that not only help your recovery as well, but that can enrich your personal and professional life.  

The longer the stay, the greater your chances at success. Our 449 Recovery Plan is based on statistics, but is also rooted in a care for and interest in the well being of our clients.  


Here at 449 Recovery you are more than just your addiction – you are an individual with great potential and we see that. We believe in personalizing your treatment to your unique abilities. Your counselor will help you set and reach goals in sobriety. 

Personalized counseling is a proven path toward acceptance of your addiction. Acknowledging and accepting the addiction is the first step toward recovery, and personal attention helps set you at ease to better begin on this path.  

At 449 Recovery, you will build (oftentimes a lifelong) relationship with your counselor from this beginning and this is just one aspect of our family approach to treatment 


At 449 Recovery, we accept many insurance plans as well as private pay. Private pay is based on a sliding scale and is often far less expensive than comparable treatment centers. We work with you to ensure you get the best care possible, regardless of your financial ability. 

First and foremost, we know what you have been through and we do as much as possible to eliminate barriers to your recovery.  

Financial struggles can often lead to and/or result from addiction. The 449 Recovery Plan faces issues head-on, and our sliding scale for private pay is here to help you.  


The people who can best connect with those in early sobriety are those who have been through it themselves.  

At 449 Recovery, we’ve developed a strong alumni support network to help transition new clients into their journey into sobriety. 

Our alumni network not only helps during your stay, but can plan a crucial role in your sustained recovery efforts with not only first-hand advice, but perhaps adding to your close list of friends as well.  

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